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Why is PowerVPS the best choice for your hosting needs?

Equinix Facility   Equinix Facility
At PowerVPS we only team up with the very best in hardware and network vendors to provide you the quality you need to run a smooth operation. That is why we are proud to state that all of our VPS operations are actually located in Equinix IBX! (http://www.equinix.com)

We deploy and maintain only the most reliable in Cisco hardware. This means that whether you're using 1GB/mo or 200Mbps bandwidth, you'll find the transfer speeds to be steady and reliable. We've also combined some of the best Tier 1 bandwidth providers to provide you a backbone that is both versatile and again encompasses only the highest level of reliability.

Equinix's connectivity to over 200 networks boasts favor across the entire IT industry, but further to that, they are able to connect clients to providers that serve over 90% of the world's Internet networks. It is no wonder we have gone with such a powerful provider as part of our high-availability infrastructure. With some of the largest names in the IT industry being hosted at various Equinix facilities, their reputation as the most popular and indeed most reliable datacenter is evident. A short list of the companies which utilize this same network are: IBM, Google, Sony Online, General Electric, Electronic Arts, Primedia/About.com, Hotwire, Yahoo!, Microsoft, XMRadio, and YouTube.

We currently use a multihomed network to: Sprint, nLayer, ServerCentral, PCCW, LimeLight Networks, Savvis, Level 3, Hurricane Electric

Below we've provided ways for you to test our network. Not only do we boast our grade A network, we can prove its quality to you, too, first hand!
Ping our Datacenters to see the response times:

  • Washington, DC -
  • Chicago, IL -
Download Test Files to check our Network Speed:

  • Small file test: 10MB
  • Large file test: 50MB

As always, at PowerVPS we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you find that the information presented above doesn't entirely answer your questions, please contact us at sales@powervps.com and we will be able to answer them more thoroughly.

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