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PowerVPS is a wholly owned brand of Virtacore Systems, Inc and is an industry-leading privately owned, profitable Web infrastructure service provider based in Ashburn, Virginia. We are hosting experts focused on virtualization and cloud hosting solutions for start-up companies, web hosting resellers, and others looking to build an online web presence. With over eight years of virtualization experience and 10,000 virtual servers deployed, we have the background and expertise to do what it takes to provide the fastest, most stable, and secure environment possible for our customers.

Our Mission

To help businesses of all sizes and types leverage virtualization technology to lower costs and improve IT efficiency.

Our Values

Honesty and Trust: We believe strongly in honesty and trust, we are open and transparent with customers

  • We do not claim to own the datacenter we use when many do claim this when they don't
  • We provide monthly statistics on how customers rate our support
  • We do own our servers. We are not resellers
  • We do own the software we use
  • We do have 24/7 support staff
  • We do not oversell

Communication: We believe in keeping customers informed about any changes that may impact them. Software updates, server reboots and similar are all communicated to customers with as much notice as possible. We also listen to any comments or suggestions you may have.

Quality: We believe that the only way we can provide a quality service is to use quality products and have trained staff. We choose suppliers with care and ensure we have the right backup and support from each one.

Partnerships: Vital to our success and yours is our partnerships and the level of integration we can achieve with our suppliers. Wherever possible we try and build long term partnerships with our suppliers.
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